Q: How do you describe the studio atmosphere?

We don’t focus on the competitive aspect of dance. We are a Performance Studio sharing the artistry of dance with our community. Along with our annual Spring Recital and Winter Ballet, we offer opportunities throughout the year to perform for the public.

Q: What are the costs I can expect to pay for lessons throughout the year?

Tuition for the September through June season is payable in ten monthly installments. We do not charge an enrollment fee, we do not require the purchase of a set number of recital tickets, and we do not require the purchase of ads in our recital program. Recital costume prices do vary by age group, and we do our best to keep costume costs reasonable.

Q: My child loves to dance at home, but is sometimes hesitant to try new activities.

We have experienced the nervousness many times in the past with both young students and teens. She/he is welcome to sit and observe. We are focused on making Harmonie Dance a comfortable studio that helps build confidence in all dancers. We want to make the experience enjoyable, but still focus on students learning proper terminology and execution.

Q: My child is advanced for her age. Can she dance with older children?

To create an ideal learning environment for all children, age groups are taught separately to ensure proper instruction at each stage of development (just like academic schools). With less of a range of developmental stages in the classroom, the teacher is able to focus on the needs of each individual student no matter their skill set. This is a system put forth in our strategic classroom management plan that allows our time together to be used more effectively.