One must first fall in love with dance

My husband Matt says he knows autumn has arrived when he begins to catch the peppery scent of black walnuts in the air.  I don’t get him sometimes–why can’t he just say “pumpkin spice” like the rest of us?

For me growing up, I always related the arrival of autumn with the start of a new dance season.  And although I also played softball, soccer, and swam as a child, none of that compared to my love of dance classes.  Now as an adult I find the sight of a child in pink tights and a black leotard to be my signal of autumn’s arrival.    

Over the last twenty years of my career providing dance instruction, I’ve spent countless hours tweaking and modernizing the curriculum I use today for dancers aged 2 and up.  It’s my goal that each lesson plan is themed to inspire and keep children excited, spark their creativity, and most importantly, to explore movement and artistry using their own imaginations.  At the same time dancers work to improve their social skills, build confidence, learn teamwork, improve listening skills, and of course, develop body coordination.

It’s my belief that before a student can perfect the techniques, one must first fall in love with dance.  After that, everything else will fall into place.

~Miss Michelle